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Our Services

Training & Technical Assistance

Our team provides interactive participant-centered trainings on a range of topics to support organizational long-term work in achieving greater diversity, equity and inclusion within teams and systems. Trainings are always customized to meet the specific needs of an organization. Our training approach employs a variety of training modalities to meet the different learning needs of adult learners. The technical assistance that we provide focuses on whole system change, long-term efforts and is asset-based. Examples of recent trainings include, Foundations of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) workshop series; Cultural Competency & Beyond; Being Effective Cultural Allies for Children & Youth; Train-the-Trainer: Building Capacity within your Organization; Building Youth Leadership & Diversity Facilitating for Inclusion; Culturally Responsive Teaching, Team Building and Leadership Development; Creating an Anti-Harassment & Inclusion Workplace Culture; and Wellness and Self-Care workshops.


We support individual and organizational efforts to implement long-term change for greater inclusion and equity at every level in their organizations and communities. Our team provides coaching, guidance, and assistance with problem-solving and strategic planning efforts to individuals, organizations, and communities who are engaged in sustained long-range and capacity building endeavors. Examples of recent work include, coaching of executive leadership teams, DEI committees in implementation of organizational DEI goals; administering a Cultural Audit/Climate Assessment with Recommendations for a state-wide government agency; and a Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Assessment for an environmental organization.

Curriculum Design

Our team has decades of experience custom-designing and developing curricula to meet the training needs of individuals, groups and organizations working to deepen their awareness and expand their capacity to create more just, inclusive, and equitable systems. The wide range of curricula developed, includes Foundations of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI); Cultural Competency & Beyond; Interrupting Microaggressions; Being Effective Cultural Allies for Children & Youth; Building DEI Capacity within an Organization; Confronting and Interrupting Racist Workplace Behaviors: Building an Inclusive, Harassment-free Workplace Culture; ; Culturally Responsive Communication; Supervision with an Equity Lens; and Training-of-Trainers/Facilitators series. Youth leadership Train-the-Trainer Volunteer management Diversity/cultural competency More! Examples of recent trainings include but are not limited to: Cultural Competency & Beyond Being Effective Cultural Allies for Children & Youth Train-the-Trainer: Building Capacity within your Organization Building Youth Leadership & Diversity Facilitating for Inclusion Please click here for more detailed information on workshops we offer, descriptions, & sample agendas.


We approach our facilitation work with a trauma-informed and equity-centered lens. Our team has extensive experience with facilitating community meetings, strategic planning retreats, affinity groups, team-building sessions, difficult conversations, and other group formations across the many levels of an organization. Our facilitation approach and process enhance our ability to build trust and create learning communities within any group engagement, as well as meet people where they are in their awareness and understanding. We are collaborative and adaptive in working to meet the needs of a group or organization and engage as learners, not experts.

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