we help connect hearts, minds & hands to effect meaningful change

Who We Are


Over 25 years of good hearts & passion

In 2013, after decades of individual experience supporting teams and organizations, Viviana Aguilar, Mike Beebe, Jeff Birdsall, Anna Hansen and Ginlin Woo formed F.A.C.E. to work as a team to deepen our impact for individuals and organizations in communities all over the country with an emphasis in the Pacific Northwest.

We bring our diverse backgrounds, multi-leveled expertise, training and facilitating skills, national and international experience to the forefront in a down-to-earth compassionate approach for creating safe and effective learning spaces and growing in mindful, inclusive and intentional ways. As a team of close friends, we share a unified vision and commitment to creating social justice and equity through work at the individual, team, and institutional levels in a way that demonstrates compassion, uses dialogue spaces, deepens awareness, and focuses on action.